25 Jul
03:44 AM

New research in Dalcroze Studies: Two book chapters hit the shelves

There are two new pieces of research in the field of Dalcroze Studies, both in English and both appearing in books from prestigious publishers.

Marja-Leena Juntunen has published a chapter in an introduction to teaching general music:

Juntunen, M-L. (2016) The Dalcroze Approach: Experiencing and Knowing Music through the Embodied Exploration. in (eds) C. R. Abril & B. Gault Approaches to Teaching GeneralMusic: Methods, Issues, and Viewpoints. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 141-167.

This chapter addresses the aims, content areas, principles, and applications of Dalcroze pedagogy. Drawing on recent research, it suggests that Dalcroze pedagogy offers an example of a practice in music education that acknowledges the meaning and importance of holistic mind-body experiences for musical knowing and personal development. Marja-Leena’s work also challenges teachers to recognize the importance of embodiment in knowing and learning in general.

Karin Greenhead, John Habron and Louise Mathieu have published a chapter on creativity in Dalcroze Eurhythmics, with a focus on higher education. The book is co-edited by Liz Haddon & Pamela Burnard, who is a thought leader in the field of musical creativities. The reference is:

Greenhead, K., Habron, J. & Mathieu, L. (2016) ‘Dalcroze Eurhythmics: bridging the gap between the academic and practical through creative teaching and learning’. in (eds) E. Haddon and P. Burnard Creative Teaching for Creative Learning in Higher MusicEducation. Oxford: Routledge, 211-226

This research, which was dreamt up in the days immediately after the First International Conference of Dalcroze Studies (2013), has also been presented to international colleagues. At "Looking for the unexpected: Creativity and innovation in music education", the European Association for Music in Schools annual conference, Vilnius, Lithuania (16-19 March 2016), the paper was linked to a workshop by Bethan Habron- James, who introduced the Dalcroze approach to around 20 music educators from around Europe. The chapter will be presented once more, with a workshop by Karin Greenhead, at ISME, Glasgow, Scotland in July 2016.

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