11 Jan
10:41 PM

Four-hand piano arrangements of pieces by Émile Jaques-Dalcroze

Dear colleagues and friends, 
the Dalcroze Society has just published a new collection of four-hand piano arrangements of pieces by Émile Jaques-Dalcroze himself, called Oeuvres pour piano à 4 mains- Émile Jaques-Dalcroze.
It was a great pleasure to play through the whole book together with my husband Michael.
Thanks to arrangers Akihiko Mabuchi, Kaname Tambara, Sachiko Fujita and Eri Inoue.  We had a lovely evening with these easy to play pieces.  The whole continent of music of "Monsieur Jaques" unfolded, including typical cadences and melodic progressions, sudden changes of meter, shifts between minor and major.
The volume includes:
3 Bluettes, Danse Romande, Six petites danses très faciles and the Fantaisie-Ballet
They are perfect to use in Rhythmics classes too.
The Japanese Dalcroze Society sells the collection for 1.700 Yen.
By the way: the Japanese Dalcroze Society also hosts regular concerts of Dalcroze´s pieces as well as performances of plastique animée!  Please see the following link:
Finally: I would like to thank Miho Hirashima for 9 years of great presidency and all she did for Eurhythmics in Japan - and in the world! The new president of the Japanese society is Sachiko Muranaka.
I wish you a healthy and prosperous year 2018!

Paul Hille,
President of FIER


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