12 Dec
09:23 PM

New book: "Pédagogie, art et science, l'apprentissage par et pour la musique selon la méthode Jaques-Dalcroze"

Dear colleagues and interested,

here is the brand-new publication of the Institut Jaques-Dalcroze.  It contains a lot of new insights into what the Dalcroze method means today.  The editors Silvia Del Bianco, Sylvie Morgenegg and Hélène Nicolet collected 16 articles in French and English that give an overview of different presentations and lectures given during the International Congress in 2015 in Geneva. Research underlines the strong impact Eurhythmics has on humans and how important Eurhythmics work is nowadays in each age to keep us alive, to keep us in contact with the world, to help us use our creative powers, and to keep us physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy.
Paul Hille, president

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