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Each year the FIER invites candidates to apply for financial assistance, through the annual newsletter from the president of the FIER to the delegates and via the FIER website.

The FIER allocates a certain sum every year. This sum is different every year according to the financial situation of the FIER.

1. Financial support for study

  1. Study projects would include: Students studying for the Diplôme Supérieur.
  2. Any other worthwhile study project (PhD at a music university, PhD in science or arts related to Eurhythmics …)
  3. Students needing financial assistance to attend an international congress.

(It does not include paying travel fees!)

2. Support for projects with Eurhythmics

These projects would include:                                                                                         

  1. Teacher trainings in developing countries.
  2. Projects of interest to the eurhythmics community.
  3. Publications.
  4. Congresses or conferences.
  5. Eurhythmics Days.

(It does not include paying travel fees!)

Guidelines for applying for Financial assistance from FIER

Candidates applying for financial assistance from the FIER are asked to submit the following documents to

  1. A document describing the purpose of study or project.
  2. A documented description of other sources of income already explored.
  3. CV.
  4. A personal letter of motivation by the candidate.
  5. References (at least 2).
  6. Estimation of total expenses.
  7. The applicant must belong to the FIER and have paid membership fees (by the national association member of the FIER).
  8. The deadline for applying for financial assistance from the FIER is December 31st, 2017.
  9. Those who have received financial assistance from the FIER will be asked to write a short report on their study/project made possible by the FIER.

 Scholarship Committe

The scholarship committee (comprising 3 persons of the FIER committee) is responsible for assessing together every application for financial aid from the FIER. The scholarship committee has full jurisdiction to allocate scholarships, but refers these requests to the entire committee for final acceptance. 

 Paul Hille

President of FIER

November 2017

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